Friday, August 15, 2014



Feeling Beachie

     Half-Past Kissin' Time






This week has been busy. D H and I are taking advantage of the cooler weather to get out and walk. I am still doing my swim exercises and D H walks the Mall and does the shopping. We also had another ballroom dance lesson last night.

D H was surfing the cruise website and we think we have found an intriguing one. It is 50 days long and travels from Fort Lauderdale to the Mediterranean Sea. It is similar to the one we did last year except that Greece and Malta have been added as extra ports of call. Both of these places are on our bucket list. Something to save for and to dream about.

I had a lovely bus trip with my Retirement Group on Wednesday. We went to racetrack that has slot machines. On the way up I caught up with all of the happenings with my friend R and her family. When we got there they have us $10 in coupons that we had to use in the machines. Now I am not much of a gambler so I chose a machine that did the work for me. I made $15.45. I cashed out and used the money to pay for lunch.

A friend M who worked with us has moved to the town where the racetrack is. We made arrangements for her to us. She arrived and took us on a tour of her town as well as a visit to her new home. Her Mom and granddaughter were there to greet us. She has a lovely house and a gorgeous garden. She then came back with us and we had lunch together. There was a lot of laughter amongst the 3 of us. It was like old times.

After the race track we were bussed to the local theatre. We saw the play “City of Angels”. I had seen one of the actresses in a previous play. The young people were terrific as usual. Back on the bus and home again. I am so glad I was not driving. More giggles on the way home.

We have a quiet weekend ahead which is just fine by me.

This week’s co-host is Elizabeth from Silver’s Book Reviews. She came up with all last two statements

The statements:

  1. When do you do your blogging?
  2. Why is it that winter seems so long and summer seems so short?
  3. During a commercial break I grab another cup of tea.
  4. Singing in the car is a way to annoy my children.

Have a great day everyone!