Friday, August 29, 2014




Feeling Beachie

Half-Past Kissin' Time




Sadly August is coming to a close. We don’t have anyone going back to school except our grandchildren so the dates don’t really matter to us. Our routine will change again to accommodate the school year. My swimming classes have stopped until October because the pool is closed for maintenance. Our dance class finished last night as well. We don’t start back until the middle of September.

This week we did have a wonderful visit with my parents. D H surprised me with a stay at a hotel on the way to my parents’ place. We had a lovely drive and then a wonderful dinner. The hotel was located on the Rideau River beside a lovely park. We had not been there before.

We went to see my parents because Mom needed a new walker. She had been accessed so we knew what kind to get for her. We made a day of it. We took her to lunch, then drove into the city following the back roads. She got some shopping done before she was fitted for her new walker.

The actual experience was amazing. Mom was treated like a queen. She was given options and tried several walkers to make sure they fit her to a tee. The one she got is just right and light enough that she can lift it herself.She will be more independent and be able to enjoy the rest of the summer.

WE have a quiet weekend ahead of us. Hope yours is full of fun and family!

This week’s co-host is Elizabeth from Silvers Book Reviews – she came up with ALL the statements:

The statements:

  1. Living in Canada makes me appreciate all of the seasons.
  2. Wondering what will happen always makes me crazy so I go with the flow.
  3. Looking back I would have kept everything the same.
  4. Listening to my grandchildren laughs makes me feel wonderful.