Thursday, June 20, 2013



Welcome to Pondering with a Purpose – with Brenda Youngerman

Today's prompt is: Slip

Great choice of words! I was just thinking the other day as I was cleaning out my drawers that no one wears slips anymore. We used to wear slips to keep skirts from clinging and to hide the unmentionables. Today the new fabrics work without needing a slip and the unmentionables are sometimes worn on the outside anyway.

At my age I now have to worry about slips and falls. I have a bigger fear of falling upstairs as opposed to slipping down them.

Because of the internet and online banking we no longer have to fill out a bank slip nor do we get a pay slip.

I often wonder where the time slips off to. How did I have time to work?

Of course I slip off my shoes and wear my slippers around the house.

I think I can slip into any conversation and keep it going.

Slip into this blog and visit others when you have time. I am going to slip away for some quiet time.