Friday, February 14, 2014



Friday Fragments:

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Happy Valentine`s Day everyone! I hope you can spend it with your loved ones. Thank you for your kind words last week and I am so glad to be able to write my own blogs again. My parents are on the mend and hopefully they can make it together on their own. It was an incredible 12 days away from my hubby and my computer.

The kitchen is almost finished except for a bit of trim. The usual fiddly work that makes the job perfect. I made 4 baby bonnets as well as a crocheted blanket. I finished a book by Robin Pilcher `The long road home``at my mother`s and brought home  biography about Grace Kelly called `High Society`.

D H and I are going ballroom dancing tonight as our romantic evening out.

This week there are two co-hosts is Gilligan & MaryAnn from Gilligan & MaryAnn’s Desert Island (first two) and T.B. MARKINSON from Making your Mark (second two).

    The statements:

  1. Valentines is one  day of the year for expressing love however like Christmas it should be every day.
  2. Since Valentines is a sign of love I will give hugs and kissed to everyone.
  3. Dancing with hubby is a great way to exercise, have fun and meet wonderful people.
  4. Sometimes I remember the wonderful dancing we did on our last cruise when I am not dancing.