Wednesday, February 26, 2014



1. What is something you'll never forget about the age you are right now?

I love the fact that I am a grandmother. I have been blessed with 6 wonderful grandchildren. I heard from all of them yesterday. Each one is unique and yet I see aspects of their parents as well as myself. I just love them to bits.

2. What's a household chore you've never done? How have you managed that???

If you read my blog from yesterday you will know that I am a princess. I don’t cook or clean except I do the laundry. I don’t clean the furnace or scrubbed the floors. I don’t do any yard work either. Hubby cleans the snow away even on the car before I drive it. He gets a kiss a day because he does such a good job.

3. Does nature shape our personalities more than nurture? Explain?

The age old question. Much has been written about this. It really is a combination of both. Yes we are born with certain personalities and as I see my grandchildren I compare them to their parents. The nurturing of these personalities allows them to grow and be themselves. They are unique and yet the same. I believe it takes a village to raise a child.

4. Friday (February 28th) is 'Something on a Stick Day'...funny because Zoanna over at A Penchant for Pens recently sent me an idea for a question relating to this topic. What's your favorite food eaten on a stick?

My favourite is ice cream on a stick. I have found some chocolate covered ice cream as well as fudgesicles that make a wonderful snack.

5. Which of your five senses do you treasure most, and why?

I treasure my eyes. Without my eyes I can’t see the wonders of my grandchildren. I can’t read a book or watch tv. Having said that I would also like to keep my hearing. Unfortunately I am seeing the devastating effects of losing both with my mother. She is slowly losing her sight and her hearing has never been at its best. Of the two I think she finds losing her eyesight to be worse because she loves to read and her eyes get too tired. Going big print is not helping. With her hearing loss at least she write things down.

6. What's the best music, theatre, or sporting venue you've been to? What made it great?

There are too many to choose from. D H and I have season tickets to a theatre company. We travel with our good friends M and N and make a weekend out of it. Most of the shows are in the summer so we enjoy the wonderful scenery getting there as well as the young people who perform in the shows. We have stayed in some wonderful places and look forward to more this summer.

7. It's the last week of the five words or less bid adieu to your February.

Goodbye, Cold and cruel month!

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

February is coming to a close. It has been an interesting month. Fortunately we have not suffered from any illness unless you count aches and pains, which I don’t. My parents are on the mend, however have decided to move to a new assisted living place. They need more care. Their new place will be brand new and will give them the support they need. It is still close to my sister and her family.

March is full of birthdays as my son-in-law turns the big 4-0. My son and his wife also have birthdays as well as their 2 daughters. I am hosting a Teddy Bear picnic for E who will be turning 6. She has planned the party and made the invitations. She also wants to play “pin the tail on the bear” as well as “musical bears” I must get the picnic basket out as well as my collection of teddy bears.

It is also our annual check up with the doctor. We finally had our blood tests done. We had to fast and since breakfast is our best meal of the day, it was not easy. As soon we get up the coffee pot gets turned on and we have a glass of orange juice. Getting up and going without takes a lot of planning. Even when we are on a cruise we don’t miss our orange juice and coffee. Let’s hope we get a good report. We have both worked hard to stay healthy this winter.

I hope everyone has a wonderful week!

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