Friday, February 21, 2014



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The statements:

  1. Tomorrow is a good day to get together with family, did you plan a special dinner.
  2. I really think I need a another cruise to someplace warm. 
  3. I would never own a horse since I live in the city.
  4. The craziest gift I ever got was a set of luggage when I wanted a hair dryer.

It has been a week of getting back to normal. My parents are more settled and things will work out. I am back to my swimming classes so the knees thank me. I attended a retirement meeting and caught up with what is going on.

I babysat my youngest grandchildren who shared their laughter with me. T who is 9 months has found the living room curtains and loves to play “hide and seek”. F who is going to be 3 is anxiously planning her birthday party with Dora plates and napkins. She plans to have 5 friends at her party. E who will be 6 has asked for a helicopter for her present. Not a remote control one but a real one with 3 seats, one for Dad who can drive and 2 for herself and her friend. She was devastated that she can’t have one.

We are watching the Olympics and are so pleased that the women’s curling won Gold as well the women’s hockey. Today it is the men’s turn to show their metals.

Have a great weekend!