Tuesday, February 25, 2014



Time out for Mom

Tuesday, February 25th/14

If you really knew me, you would know....

I am retired from the telephone company and I love it. I have been married 40 years to the best husband in the world. I am treated like a princess so he gets a kiss every day. I have 3 grown children who are all married. I have 6 amazing grandchildren that I can’t stop talking about.

Since I have retired I have been on 5 cruises. 3 of the cruises were for 14 days each. One was for 35 days and the other was for 42 days. I hate fly so I look for cruises that I can’t start and end without a flight however if I want to see Australia and New Zealand I may have to change.

D H and I are very conscious of our health. We watch what we eat and try to exercise as much as possible. It is not always easy in the cold part of Canada however we love to dance as well as walk. I also swim because it helps my knees.

I have returned to knitting as well as crocheting. I make baby outfits as well as blankets. My grandchildren benefit from my sweaters, hats, mitts and sometimes socks. I love to read and have ventured away from romance books thanks to my daughter H who asks me to review some books and my mother who finds interesting biographies for me to read.

My mother would like me to write my memoirs. I did take a writing class on my last cruise and got very excited. I hope to start a writing club on my blog on Thursdays when my daughter can help me set it up. Maybe this summer.

I love blogging and I am so glad that Les at Time out for Mom gives me this chance.

Everyday Ruralty

Welcome to Chats on the Farmhouse Porch hosted by Patrice and Wendall.


  • What is your favorite kind of bread? (wheat, white, rye, sourdough, a gluten free type, etc.). My favourite bread is a rye bread. We actually have only one bakery that makes it so it is a special treat when we get it. We cut it in thick slices. I like mine with butter and D H likes it warmed in the microwave. He gets the ends.
  • Would you go to an opera if someone you know was in it? Yes I would and I have.
  • What is your favorite kind of citrus fruit? grapefruit. I try to have a half every morning.
  • Are you doing any home renovations or decorating projects? I am supervising while D H is doing the work. Right now he is doing the kitchen.
  • If you could sit in a rocking chair and view a beautiful scene, where would you be and what would you be looking at? My rocking chair would be on a cruise ship and I would be watching whales swim beside the ship. A few seagulls would be flying around as well.