Tuesday, October 8, 2013



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Tuesday, October 8, 2013

You have 60 seconds to make a speech

to the entire world:

what do you say?

Since I have been retired for nearly 2 years I would describe the benefits of planning for your retirement. It takes a lot of work to be ready for retirement. It takes financial planning as well as lifestyle planning.

It is a matter of establishing priorities and making them work. I have seen people retire without being prepared and it could kill them.

Let’s start with the money. Financial planners will agree that a successful retirement starts with the money. Having enough to accomplish your goals as well as a comfortable lifestyle. Your lifestyle will definitely not be the same as your working lifestyle.

It is important to develop interests because you have a loot more time on your hands. In hubby’s case he has his gardening as well as the computer and of course taking care of me.  We are both watchful of our health. We walk and exercise as much as possible. We took up ballroom dancing as much for the exercise as well as the social aspect.  Without your health you have no freedom.

We love to travel so we incorporated that in our plans. D H does the planning of our side trips and watches for the best prices.

We have been very lucky and are living our retirement to the best of our ability. Hope you can too.

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  1. Are you doing any crafts or DIY projects now? I have my on-going baby blankets as well the baby outfits. The grandchildren need hats and mitts for winter as well as new sweaters. Lots to keep me out of trouble.
  2. If I could snap my fingers, I'd make reservations for dinner.
  3. What author would you like to have lunch with? (It doesn't have to be someone alive now. We could use a time machine or something. :) I would love to have lunch with Nora Roberts and if she is not available I would ask Danielle Steele.
  4. I wanted to tell all of you folks at chats that I have 12 days until I leave for my cruise and may have to miss a few chats while I am away. I may not be able to follow as many bloggers since the internet on a cruise ship is very expensive and hard to get.
  5. Family matters have been on my mind a lot lately.