Friday, December 20, 2013



Friday Fragments

Half-Past Kissin' Time

Thanks to Mrs. 4444's for hosting the Frags.

What a week this has been. It has been very busy however it was a lot of fun. We had many long trips to make. The longest to Ottawa to see my parents. Unfortunately we could not make it for the weekend  but the weather cooperated on Monday. Despite the extreme cold we encountered very few problems. We made it in the same time as we do in fair weather. My Mom was especially pleased with her visit with H who also worked on her computer.

While H was here we did some marathon shopping as well as lots of visiting. H’s mother-in-law fell and broke her shoulder and cannot leave the house. The prognosis is lots of pain and a long recovery. The best time was the family dinner and early present opening. Everyone was pleased with their gifts and D H did a wonderful job of cooking a roast. The evening was completed by a visit from Santa and Mrs. Clause.

We also travelled back to Buffalo so that H could catch her flight home. On the way we stopped at the outlet mall where I was able to pick up 2 bathing suits for only $50.  They will be put to good use when I return to aquafit in the new year.

Our hecticness will continue this weekend as we fit 3 plays in as well as a shopping trip to Mary Maxim. Hopefully I can get enough wool to last the winter.  Let’s hope the weather cooperates as well.

I hope everyone has a safe, healthy and happy Christmas!

This week’s co-host is BETH ANN from IT’S JUST LIFE – she who came up with the last two statements.

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. How is it that there never seems to be enough time in the day?
  2. I can’t believe how much easier it was to be retired than to work.
  3. I like my children and grandchildren. Thanks to DH for making it happen.
  4. If I could I would live on a cruise ship all day and travel around the world.