Friday, December 6, 2013



The day has finally come to leave our home away from home after 42 days. We are getting off the ship, saying good-bye to old friends as well as some new ones. We made plans to get together as well as to meet on another cruise. It has been a lot of laughs with wonderful entertainment and dancing.

The crew of the ship have gone above and beyond the call of duty to satisfy our every wish. Just yesterday they had a parfait instead of regular jello for dessert in the Lido. Since D H has been having jello every day instead of ice cream or sweets he was disappointed. We asked the sweetheart behind the counter if there was any plain jello. She didn’t know so we asked Eka the head manager if he could find some. He looked everywhere in all of the kitchens on the ship. He found out they were making some for dinner and we thought all was lost so jello for dessert. We continued to play cards and to our wondering eyes appeared a tray with for jellos in the sundae glasses. We had a jello party to everyone’s satisfaction.

The food supplies on the ship have been depleted. Cheerios were among the first to vanish. The regular tea bags have also been diminished. However our young dining room steward ran around the ship until he found some. He managed to make me 3 cups of tea for the last three nights.

Now we head out to our daughter’s H until we get clear weather to head for home. I hope everyone has a fabulous Friday.