Tuesday, December 17, 2013




Tuesday, December 17th/13
If you were Santa, want food/drink would you want left for you?

I am joining Les at Time out for Mom for her weekly coffee chat. I really missed joining in while I was away. Glad to be back.

If I were Santa I would want to have a warm cup of tea and a piece of apple pie for my travels. Tea is the best for keeping us going. I like it better than coffee and it has about the same amount of caffeine. It was my Grandmother’s stand-by. Whenever there was a problem she felt it could be solved over a cup of tea. It must of worked because I am still here. (My mother didn’t kill me!)

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. What better way to get our vitamins than in a pie. It has all of the food groups especially when there is cinnamon on the apples. Of course add a little ice cream on the side for the total package.

I wish everyone including Santa a Very Merry Christmas! (Next week is Christmas Eve and Les needs time to pack the sleigh! She will back in the New Year!)