Friday, December 27, 2013



Friday Fragments:

hosted by Mrs. 4444

Feeling Beachie


I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas. Ours was quiet as our families spread out. H and her family were at home in Charleston S C and Skype us to show off their gifts. Daughter C and her husband P travelled to Sarnia to spend Christmas with his family. We still talked on the phone especially since they left before the power was restored at their house. We check on Missy the cat every day.

Son M and his family had us for Christmas Eve dinner. Grammy went with the children to the Christmas Eve service. Grandson T is going to be a dancer since he be-bopped through the whole service. We also witnessed his first crawl as he finally made his way to the doors he has been coveting for a while.  Granddaughter F provided a concert while waiting for her turn in the bath. Granddaughter E was so excited to read to Grampy. She got chapter books for Christmas and is nearly finished them all.

D h has gotten some amazing pictures of the winter wonderland created by Mother Nature.



This week’s co-host is PAM from TROUPPETRIE she who came up with the last two statements.

The statements:

  1. Every time I hear a child laughing I think of my grandchildren.
  2. Sometimes I feel like I forgot how to stay warm because I have been cruising so much.
  3. So if there was one New Years resolution you could make it would be to stay healthy because you know you can keep it
  4. If I could have any pet it would be a fish and I would share  it with my grandchildren.