Monday, December 9, 2013



Welcome to Monday Quiz About Me - hosted by Acting Balanced.

Here are the Questions:

1. Today is National Christmas Card Day - do you send Christmas Cards?

Yes I sent Christmas cards. I wrote them in October before we left on our cruise and then my daughter C mailed them for me. The only one I mailed myself was to England.

2. What item do you "always" buy when it goes on sale at the Grocery Store?

Toilet paper. I refuse to pay regular price.

3. Certain flavours are associated with Christmas/December - what flavor do you most associate with the holiday season?

I think peppermint when I think of Christmas. Of course chocolate is a standard holiday flavour, no matter what the holiday.

4. Do you think gift cards are a good idea for Christmas or are they a cop-out?

Too bad kids I think gift cards are the best unless it is just cash. The older children are too hard to buy for.

My 5th question is:

Will you have to travel to spend Christmas with your family?