Friday, June 6, 2014





Feeling Beachie

I am writing this frag from Charleston South Carolina. We are visiting our grandchildren until next week. We have had the pleasure of attending our grandson L’s school concert as well as his last day of class. He is now on vacation and is enjoying his leisure time. His big sister R is also glad that school is done for another. She had to write a few exams which meant lots of studying.

We have managed to get some swimming as well as a visit to the Fire Museum. D H and I actually went to the Outlet Mall and came away with absolutely nothing. Besides all of the play I have also written 2 book reviews. They are on Heather’s website:

Today’s co-host is Eloquent Obi – she came up with the last two statements!

The statements:

  1.   Mornings is the best time to work on the computer.
  2.   I think my grandchildren the best in the world. I may be a little biased.
  3. I feel ambivalent about sports
  4. Kisses are better with hugs.

Have a wonderful Friday!


  1. If I got on the computer in the morning I would get nothing else done...same with reading

  2. If I went to an Outlet Mall and came away with absolutely nothing, I would be totally amazed at myself! Lol! Sounds like you're having a nice vacation. Enjoy the rest of your time there.