Friday, June 13, 2014



Feeling Beachie

We are back home. We had a wonderful drive back. It was worth the extra driving to stay in a nice hotel. The hotel was a little further away than we normally stop however the last part of the drive was easier. I managed to stop at the Canadian outlet mall to get my new bathing suits as well as another pair of slippers.

Now that we are home it is time to get back to a routine. We have the installers coming today to put up the siding. Hopefully it won’t take too long.

Yesterday we attended granddaughter E’s kindergarten graduation. Grampy took pictures while I took grandson T for a walk. He had a little nap and I had one when I got home. We also voted yesterday in our provincial election.

Vacations are lovely however we do have to get back to reality.

The statements: Today’s co-host is Pam (she came up with the last two statements)

  1. Summer is finally here.
  2. Do you ever wonder if you will do everything on your bucket list.
  3. When I relax I knit or crochet because I need to keep my hands occupied.
  4. the one food I only eat at a restaurant is pizza because we don’t make it ourselves. 


  1. It is SO tough to get back to reality after a vacation. I will be there myself come Tuesday.
    Have a great weekend and Happy Fathers Day to Grampy.

  2. Good question on #2. I agree with #3. I seem to need to be doing something, too.