Tuesday, June 24, 2014



Time out for Mom

This will be the last coffee chat until September as Les is taking the summer off to spend time with your 3 adorable children. Who can blame her?

Tuesday, June 24/14

Turn Offs.  What makes you go "eeeewwww."

-I think I am a very tolerant person however DH would probably disagree. What upsets me these days Weeelllll here is my list:

1. Parents who take their children shopping and then get upset with them because they want up or they grab the candy at the check out counter. Parents need to realize that a child’s point of view is limited by their height. Please get on your knees to their level and see the world from their angle. Believe me when I tell you that all they see are fat asses. The marketing people also understand the strategy of giving access to the products that are more desirable however not healthy. Baby food for example – the meat and vegetables are at the bottom and the fruit and sugary options are at cart level for the baby to notice. The same can be said for cereal. Check it out next time you are shopping.

2. Road hogs! Why are you more important than me? Just because I leave a car space between us doesn’t mean you have the right to race in and take it. If there is a long line of cars you shouldn’t come up on the right and expect to get in ahead of everyone else who is waiting their turn. I am just as important as you, maybe even more!

3. Bicycle riders who do not obey the traffic rules. The sidewalks are for pedestrians not for you to zip around traffic. If cars have to stop for a red light so do you. Riding a bike in a park means that you have to give way to the walkers.

4. Walkers on the sidewalk. My husband and I walk around our neighbourhood. The sidewalks are not very wide so when we meet someone coming the other way we form a single line however we do not get the same respect from other people. Why can’t you form a single line to pass me as well? Unfortunately I will probably walk into you since you didn’t give me a space. I know in some countries you walk on the right and in other countries you walk on the left. I respect that, just give me room.

5. I haven’t even brought cell phone use at the wrong times or unclean washrooms. I will save those for another time.

Have a good summer and I will see you in September!