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Tuesday, June 10/14

Finish the following:    You know a book is really good when _________

You can’t put it down even when the house needs cleaning, the laundry is piling up and the children are going crazy. I love to read. I carry a book wherever I go. I used to read about 1000 pages a day, then work got in the way. I have even been known to read and knit at the same time. I gave up watching television for about 8 years.

I read “Gone with the wind” in one day. Of course I wasn’t married, lived at home and was sick in bed.

I know a book is good when I want share it with other people. Since retiring I have read many books and made lots of trips to the local library. I also get books given to me by my daughter and do some reviews for her. I reviewed 2 books in just the last week. The reviews can be found at

I used to read a lot of romance books because they were easy to pick up and put done however since I started cruising I have joined the book clubs on board the ships. My mother has also given me lots of books. She really likes biographies as well as the memoirs of people she has met.

You know a book is really good when you want to share it! Please pop over to Leslie’s blog at:

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Happy Summer Reading Everyone!