Thursday, July 3, 2014



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Time to Ponder yet again with Brenda at

Today's word is DRAFT

Who doesn’t like Draft beer? besides me of course! DH always asks for draft beer instead of bottled beer.

Someday I would like to draft my memoirs. I have lots of ideas just not ready to put them in writing yet.

Fortunately Canada does not have a draft for our army. It is strictly for those who want to fight or protect our country. Our Armed Forces have been known for their Peace Keeping roles in the past.

I love a draft from the window in the summer time however a draft in the winter is too cold.

Are drafting tables still in use? My husband used to read blueprints in the past. Has the computer changed all of that?

Did you know that paper money is called draft? I discovered that when I was using my Thesaurus.

Thanks for Pondering today! Don’t get caught in a draft!