Thursday, July 10, 2014



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Today's word is LEAVE

Thank you Brenda for continuing to allow us to ponder with you.

I hate to leave my grandchildren especially those who live far away and I can only visit on SKYPE.

I am so glad I was able to leave the workforce and retire with good health if not a lot of wealth.

I leave the housework and cooking to my hubby. he does a better job and should have a stay-at-home Dad although that was never considered an option when my children were growing up.

We try to leave the car at home because the price of e price gas. We also like to walk and enjoy the exercise.

D H loves trees and can identify most of them from their leaves. My favourite tree is the harlequin maple because it has a two coloured leaf.

We leave our shoes at the front door and put on slippers. Of course my grandson T likes to find the shoes and bring them to you so that he can go outside.

I wish we could leave well enough alone however now that we have new siding on the house we need to paint the woodwork.

I will leave this post and wish everyone a happy ponder!