Friday, February 6, 2015



Half-Past Kissin' Time  

This has been an inside week because of the snow. We did get out long enough to shop and get to exercise class however we tried not to go too far. Thank goodness for my grandchildren who provide me with some insane moments that keep me sane.

I am getting lots of knitting and crocheting done and thank you everyone for your project ideas. I making baby blankets, baby outfits, sweaters and scarves for teddy bears. Socks are on the to-do list. I even got a book read this week.

Next week I am back at my Dad’s for Monday and Tuesday. We have some meetings set up with the financial planners. Hopefully it will go smoothly.

Feeling Beachie

The statements:

  1. Is it me or do you also feel like winter has been around too long?
  2. Snow is great for pictures but not so great for walking about in.
  3. Fish is my least favorite food
  4. The winter will end with a cruise.

Happy Friday Everyone!