Sunday, February 1, 2015



My mother has written her memoirs and has been after me to write mine. I have been resisting for a while however I am creating Memory Monday to help me along. Come join me with your own memories. Each week will be a different prompt to encourage the writing of your memories. Link your memories and share them with everyone.

Our prompt is: My School Years

Throughout my school years I actually only attended 4 schools. A primary school from Kindergarten to Grade 6, then a middle school for Grade 7 and 8. High school followed for Grade 9 to 13 and finally one year of Teacher’s College.

In the primary school I skipped grade 4 because I was in an  accelerated class for grade 2 and 3. I remember always peaking at the other lessons for the group ahead of me. School was fairly easy and I enjoyed learning math and reading. In Grade 5 I had a teacher Miss D.  She had the most beautiful handwriting  and I wanted to emulate her however I discovered she was a smoker and I took an instant hate for her. I think that was the beginning of my anti-smoking campaign.

I also had a Grade 7 and 8 Teacher, Mr. T who was a smoker and I drove him crazy with my attitude. I still sucked my thumb at this time and would sit in his class for 40 minutes with my thumb in my mouth. He would try to break me of this habit and I would respond that I would quit my thumb-sucking when he gave up smoking. It was an impasse.

Of course there would be many teachers in high school who also smoked. My music teacher, Mr. F. used to go into his office and smoke there when he was in a rant. He was a terrific music teacher and choir master. The other teacher I fell out of favour with was the gym teacher Mrs. O because I would not join the swim team. I loved to swim but not in a competitive way.

Finally Teacher’s College is where I met my best friend B. We struck up a conversation while standing in line. We are both Pisces and still share our birthdays every year.

Would I like to do those years over again? No Thanks!


Next Week’s Prompt: My Favourite Teacher

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