Friday, January 23, 2015



Half-Past Kissin' Time


This has been another busy week and the weekend will be just as busy. It is amazing how much work is involved in settling an estate and planning a memorial service. I am so very grateful to all of my wonderful friends for the flowers and cards that have been received for my Mother.

I left my Dad with my sister this week so that she can arrange to move him to a smaller apartment. While she is there I have been catching up at home. One of the best ways to get over your grief is through “Grammy Therapy” as my husband calls it. I looked after F and T on Wednesday and they kept me very busy although they now think of me as the “Tea Granny” especially since I brought chocolate chip cookies. This is one role I have been glad to adopt from both my mother and my grandmother.

In keeping with the tea granny theme my daughters and their cousins are planning a “Granny Tea” in memory of their grandmother for June. They hope to raise money for the Heart and Stroke Foundation as well.

Stay healthy and stay happy!