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My mother has written her memoirs and has been after me to write mine. I have been resisting for a while however I am creating Memory Monday to help me along. Come join me with your own memories. Each week will be a different prompt to encourage the writing of your memories. Link your memories and share them with everyone.

Our prompt is: More Family Memories

Having a family and being part of a family has always been one of my greatest ambitions. I married my husband with the understanding that we would have lots of children and went to school and became a teacher because I loved children. I am living this ambition.

Originally I thought 12 was a great number especially after I had seen the movie “Cheaper by the Dozen” however my husband is of sounder mind and convinced me a smaller number would be better. Our first child H was born almost 2 years after we were married. It was agreed that she would not be an only child so we planned for our second daughter C to be born 18 months later. Of course our son M was a surprise and was born 11 months and 1 day later. By that time I was a little sick and tired of making babies and since we had both girls and a boy it was decided that was enough.

We had 3 children under the age of 3 and it took a lot of work to keep up with them. I was a Stay at home Mom even though that phrase had not yet been coined. Poor hubby worked the equivalent of 2 jobs to keep us going. His job was made even tougher because he worked in the family business which operated 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If I could look back I would have gone back to work and he could have been the “Stay at Home” Dad. He would have very good at it.

I was able to stay home for 12 years and then went back to work. We economized by doing our own house renovations. I made the children their clothes and can cook pot roast many different ways. Money may have been tight however there was and is lots of love to go around.

Despite the financial restraints all 3 children got an excellent education and are now holding good jobs although H is a “Stay at Home” Mom for now. They are all married and H and M have started families of their own. C is married and is considered the “Cool Aunt”.

I still have the time to enjoy my children and especially my 6 grandchildren. They keep us busy and allow us to continue to laugh and enjoy life. I am so proud of each and everyone of them.

Next Week’s prompt: My School Years


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