Thursday, January 8, 2015



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Time to Ponder yet again with Brenda!

Today's word is BAG:

I use bags to keep me organized. I have bags that we got when we cruised. I have one for my senior’s group where I put batteries to be recycled, baby hats as well as books and toiletries for the women’s shelter.

I have a bag that I take when I babysit my grandchildren. I put magazines, cookies, books and my slippers in it. I also have a swimming bags as well as a book bag.

Of course we take our own bags to the grocery store otherwise we have to pay 5 cents a bag and I am frugal.

I can hardly wait to pack my bags for my cruise which is only 59 days away.

I don’t carry a handbag anymore because it bothered my shoulder. I just need something to carry my cellphone and a few credit cards. My granddaughter E found me the perfect bag. It is purple because she knows it is my favourite colour.

I try to get enough sleep to avoid getting bags under my eyes.

What is your bag?