Thursday, January 22, 2015



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Today's word is BOX:

It is always fun to join Brenda as we ponder words with multiple meanings.

When I think of a box, I think of cardboard. Boxes come in many sizes and shapes. The other day i was looking for a box to hold a ceramic Christmas tree. It had to be 20 inches tall and at least 16 inches wide. So off I went with my tape measure to find the right one.

I use shoe boxes to wrap my homemade gifts in. Fortunately I love shoes so the boxes are always handy. My mother used shoe boxes to store photos and now I have the job of sorting through all of her boxes and cataloguing them.

There is also the feeling of being boxed in. Have you ever been in a tight spot and been unsure of which way to turn? Of course if you box you would do so in a boxing ring.

Where do you like to sit in the theatre? Do you like the boxes of do you prefer the orchestra seats? Personally I like to sit in the centre on the orchestra floor.

There is also a boxer dog. They look so cute.

Have a wonderful day and don’t get boxed in!