Friday, April 3, 2015



Half-Past Kissin' Time    

It is Good Friday and in Canada all of the stores are closed. We are just back from our cruise in the Caribbean. We spent 21 days on the Holland America ship “The Noordam”. The first 11 days was spent in the company of our friends N and M. Both N and I were looking to relax and enjoy the sun so it was a laid back holiday. We did take 2 tours on the islands of Martinique as well as Barbados. The tours were overviews of the islands and it was a lot of fun.

The last 10 days we were by ourselves. Unfortunately my father passed away while we were away so some of our time was spent keeping in touch with the family back home. We looked for Wi Fi every where we went. The staff of the ship know every place and were a bundle of information.

I have missed blogging and following everyone so I look forward to participating again. Today it is catch up on laundry and cleaning the house.

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This week’s co-host is Jennifer Farwell. She came up with THE LAST statements.

The statements:

  1. I require a lot of computer time to keep up with my family.
  2. Easter is a good time to start thinking about Spring.
  3. Sometimes I appreciate being able to get away in the winter.
  4. One word to describe family is love!