Friday, April 24, 2015


Half-Past Kissin' Time

Is it Friday already? What a week this has been. Last week we were outside every day enjoying the sunshine and this week we are standing at the window watching the rain change to snow. I almost put the spare blanket on the bed last night.

We curtailed our activities this week because DH came down with a head cold that left him a little dizzy. There was no point in going out for lunch and infecting everyone else.

We will celebrate C’s and T’s birthday with a lunch on Saturday. C wants a strawberry shortcake and T wants lots of candles to blow out.

DH is working on our plans for our cruise in the fall. He is planning our excursions. There is still so much to see and do even though we visited most of these ports in 2013. It helps make the bad weather seem better.

What plans have you got?

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is OBI from ELOQUENT RAMBLES. She came up with THE LAST TWO statements.

The statements:

  1. Tea is my favorite drink.
  2. Somedays I just wish I could sleep in. 
  3. Sometimes I play on the computer when I should be doing something constructive. 
  4. Life is very busy but worth living.