Saturday, February 18, 2012

Saturday Satisfaction

Well the week is coming to a close and so is our visit with our awesome grandchildren R, L, and E.  We have had a wonderful visit with H and W.  The week and a half have just flown by.
R got her birthday money and will chose to spend on bowling and getting a blue streak in her hair.
L is talking much better and is now known as the “muffin man”  for his love of chocolate chip muffins.
E just wants to grow way too fast.  He no longer wants to sit in his high chair.  He also likes to jump, climb and be totally involved in all things electronic.
Please visit W’s blog as he has had a very exciting week with most of hopes and dreams coming true.
We also want to thank H for setting up my post and being a wonderful hostess.
F has kept us up on new travel plans as he has had the time to look on the computer for more exciting places to visit.
My blogs may be a little scattered next week as we cruise without a lot of internet access. Also please try to leave a comment so I know how to improve my blog.
It has been a very satisfying week of retirement and I am still not tired.