Thursday, February 23, 2012



Greetings from Sea on the “ m s Ryndam".  We have met a great group of people.  F set up the meetings through his “”  affiliation.  If you are thinking of going on a cruise and want to hear cruiser’s thoughts this is a great website to visit.

Among the guests are several ballroom dancers so after dinner from about 7:30pm until we tire out we ballroom dance.  We dance to a 3 piece band although they have been minus a drummer since the beginning of the cruise.  A new one will come on board tomorrow as we stop in Belize.

Unfortunately we have not been off the ship as our stop-over in Key West Florida was cancelled.  The ship had mechanical problems and the captain felt it would be unsafe to dock the ship. This meant that we could not find an internet access off the ship so we are trying out the WiFi on the ship.

Please forgive me if you are looking for my blog as is could be delayed.