Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Travel Tuesdays

One of the best parts about travelling is planning for the trip.  Our countdown for this trip started last fall when my husband  F and daughter H started looking into inexpensive cruises on line.  We already have a major cruise later in the year which you will hear about later.

H also wanted us to spend some winter time with her and the grandchildren.  The plan came together with a cruise out of Tampa which leaves February 19th.  We have got a further dicount on the cruise when the price dropped in November.

This cruise is really about relaxing as we have been to to the Caribbean before.  We chose this one because it is on favourite cruise line, Holland America.  By visiting H and her family we will be a days drive away.  We did not want to fly.

Now F is on the internet and cruise critic.  He has found us an excursion in Belize and has arranged to meet up with a group with he has met on line. he has also planned an adventure when he stop in Key West.

The anticipation of packing and just being away is what dreams are made of. I can not be bored yet. We are looking forward to dancing and the great food.  F also plans to get lots of exercise by walking the Promenade deck after every meal. We also want to enjoy the sunshine and maybe even a little swimming.

We will start the countdown for the next one later.