Thursday, February 16, 2012

Thriving Thursday

Now back to my retirement!  F and I had a very interesting Wednesday.  We gave our daughter H and her husband W a night away from the childre R,L,and E.  The good news is everyone was asleep by 9pm.  There were no fights and no trips to the emergency ward. 

E did give us a challenge as he can climb almost anything and dared us with his antics on top of the toy box.  Thank goodness for Sesame Street as a sleeping pill. 

L got on the school bus at 6:20 am, R made her school bus after 8 am and E stayed in his crib until 9am.
F thinks he made have an afternoon nap to recover but the kids were terrific.

I may have to change the title - retired and tired after our babysitting adventure.  As someone once quoted "there is no sitting in babysitting".

Everyone enjoy your children because the grandchildren are the real blessings.