Tuesday, March 11, 2014



Time out for Mom          


Tuesday March 11th/14:

The Secret of Passion

How does one find their passion?

Les at Time Out for Mom always brings us thought provoking topics on Tuesdays. Today is no exception.

Everyone has a passion. It can be obvious in a lot of people or hidden away. I think my passions are very open. I love life. I love my family and especially my grandchildren. They bring a smile to my face. If I had known grandchildren were this much fun I would have had them sooner.

I have a passion for my hubby even after nearly 41 years. We share a lot of interests that we have found over the years. Dancing is our best outlet for fun. We would rather go to a dance than to a movie. Actually we don’t like the same kind of movies or even TV shows. We both love to travel and don’t like to fly. We found cruising to be the best way to see the world.

We have a passion for staying healthy. Eating right and exercising have become a way of life. Without your health you can’t do much.

Of course I love to read and knit. Life is never boring. Being retired helps.

“Live, Love and Laugh”