Friday, August 1, 2014



Half-Past Kissin' Time

Feeling Beachie

This has been a very quiet week for us. Our daughter and her family left on Monday.  They made a quick trip back last night before heading home. D H and I have used our time wisely. We had our hair cut on Tuesday because our hairdresser is taking a well-deserved vacation. We also got some walking in because the weather has been cooler. Just the way we like it.

It is a long weekend in Canada although some of the malls will be open. Not that we do a lot of shopping. We will be visiting with our friends M & N and working out our cruise for this February.

Have a great weekend everyone!

This week’s co-host is Brooke from Brooke Blogs. She came up with the last two statements:

The statements:

  1. When it rains I catch up on my reading.
  2. Playing with my grandchildren is a great way to keep in shape.
  3. Is there ever a good time to talk about your funeral?
  4. I can’t leave home without my hubby and his credit card.