Monday, August 25, 2014



Acting Balanced

Welcome to Monday Quiz About Me - hosted by Heather & Wayne from Acting Balanced.  We are continuing to answer questions together.  Judy from Retired-not-Tired wanted us to reinstate #MQAM, so I challenged her to write this week's questions and she decided to go with a theme... Back to School

Here are the Questions:

1. What was your favourite grade in school?

Grade 6 was my favourite year. Our school was rebuilt and we had new classrooms. We were also looked upon as the seniors in the school because we changed schools for  grade 7 & 8.

2. What was your favourite subject?

My favourite subject is history. I still love reading historical novels as well.

3. What was your least favourite subject?

There were 2 actually – Math and Science.

4. Who was your favourite teacher?

My most memorable teacher was Mr. John Ford. He taught music and Latin in our high school. he was very temperamental and emotional however I sang in his choir after I left school as well.

My 5th question is:

If you went back to school now what would you study?