Thursday, August 7, 2014



Plant it!

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Today i am joining Patrice at Everyday Ruralty for Chats on the Farmhouse Porch as well as Brenda at BYGadventures for Pondering.

Our Questions for this week:

  1. What's the earliest time in your life you can remember? Can you remember being 2 years old, 5 years old, etc? My earliest memory dates back to our move to our new house when I was about 4 years old. I remember walking to the corner store with my Dad. He bought his cigarettes and I began my life long love of penny candies. Does anyone remember blackballs? You could get 3 for a penny and they tasted like liquorice.
  2. What's do you like to put on pasta? (Your favorite topping.) One of my favourite toppings is creamy Alfredo sauce. and my second choice is pasta primavera.
  3. Is there something that takes time away from more important things in your life? (TV, internet, talking on the telephone, etc.) Watching tv is a time waster however I knit and crochet while watching tv.
  4. Do you buy many clothes that are "high maintenance"? (Clothes that need to be ironed, dry cleaned, or hand washed) Absolutely not! I do not dry clean nor do I iron.
  5. Please finish this sentence. "I'd like to visit the beach today and walk along the boardwalk”.

Today's word is PLANT:

D H has planted a lovely garden. He started his zinnias and marigolds from the seeds of last year’s flowers. He hopes to collect the seeds from the portilaci as well the zinnias and marigolds for next year.


There is a new hydro-electric plant being built in our neighbourhood. It will help prevent blackouts in the future. Right beside it is a recycling plant as well.

Have you ever planted clues for a treasure hunt or a scavenger hunt? This was a popular activity when my children were young. It could keep them busy and it helped to clean up the neighbourhood.

I don’t think I would ever consider an implant, would you?

Have I planted the seeds of an idea in your mind? If I have I hope you will ponder with Brenda.