Friday, August 8, 2014



Half-Past Kissin' Time       

Feeling Beachie

I haven’t much to frag about this week. Our daughter and her family made it home safely and we are fully recovered. It has actually been a little boring because we have no excuse to go to the park and play on the swings.

Dancing has resumed. We actually look forward to August because our teachers offer a practice dance session without a lot of teaching of new moves. We refreshed our west coast swing skills last night. How quickly we forget when we don’t use our skills on a regular basis.

We are grateful for the cooler weather and are using it to our advantage. We walked the neighbourhood last night and saw all of the home improvements everyone is doing. Unfortunately parking is at a premium on our street with all of the construction vehicles vying for space. It is also noisy with saws and drills making a lot of noise.

This is the first summer we have been home in 2 years. We are looking forward to cruising next year again. We just don’t know where.

I hope everyone has a good weekend!

This week’s co-host is Pam from Trooppetrie. She came up with the last two statements:

The statements:

  1. Playing with my grandchildren is good fun as well as good exercise.
  2. I am much better at supervising than doing the actual work.
  3. In the winter I will travel south because winter in Canada is cold.
  4. Growing up I ate olive sandwiches but as a adult I eat leftovers.