Thursday, August 28, 2014



Cover me

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Today’s word is COVER! Thanks to Brenda for hosting another Pondering!

I use shower caps to cover my food. I know you can buy then in kitchen stores but this way is a lot cheaper. Hotels provide the shower caps for free. The neat thing about shower caps is they conform to any shape. I can cover fruit, meat or even vegetable platters. It works wonders on pie plates too. No more messing with plastic wrap or aluminum foil.

Instead of covering my face with makeup to hide a zit, I use polysporin (neosporin) because it is anti-bacterial and cures the pimple without leaving a scar.

I use tablecloths to cover my dining room table and placemats for the tv trays. I have a beach cover-up for the pool.

I love reading the covers on books especially when I want to know more about the story.

My hubby will soon be covering the flowers with leaves for the winter and we will be putting more blankets on the bed to cover us.

I no longer have to cover for anyone at work however I do get called upon to cover for babysitting the grandchildren when an emergency arises.

I hope this covers some of today’s pondering. Come ponder with us and cover anything we have missed.