Friday, May 16, 2014




Feeling Beachie Half-Past Kissin' Time







I have to apologize to Mrs. 4444 for missing her 300th episode however I made a trip to see my parents. We started our day at 5 am and were in the car by 6:30am. We made it to Ottawa before lunch.  We helped my mother with her computer and kept my Dad company. It was a wonderful visit. We look forward to seeing them again in June.

This week we have had the privilege of taking care of our granddaughters E (6) and F (3) while their parents are in Florida. Our grandson got to travel with them because he needs to stay close to Mommy. It has been quite an adventure. The girls enjoyed their walk to the store where each one got a basket to help Grampy with the shopping. He had a list however they too had a list.

We also went to a new park where the slides and swings were designed for all ages. It is the best park I have been to. When the grandsons come for a visit we will take them there as well. Of course we also walked the beach and climbed the rocks. We saw nuthatches as well as robins, blackbirds and swallows.

Yesterday it was a trip to McDonald’s and a play in the Play Place. Of course lunch was included. Then it was a walk home before the hard rain really started. Aunt C came for dinner and helped with the bubble baths. We finished the day watching the ballet “Peter Pan”.

Today we have a play date and tomorrow they go home. Grammy and Grampy will then have a rest.

This week’s co-host is Pam from Trouppetrie She came up with the last two statements!

The statements:

  1. I wish the weather would always stay warm and sunny.
  2. You’ll need lots of love when you babysit my grandchildren.
  3. If I go to a restaurant it must have good food at a reasonable price and good service. 
  4. My must have holiday baking treat is apple pie. It is the family favourite.