Tuesday, May 6, 2014



Time out for Mom

You are in a cabin and it is pitch black. You have one match on you. Which do you light first, the newspaper, the lamp, the candle or the fire? -

What kind of brain teasers, riddles, or word games do you enjoy?
Let's see if you can you stump me. -

Leslie at Time Out for Mom has asked about brain teasers, riddles and word games. My grandchildren love them. When I was working we use them as starters before we got down to work. Personally I love word search puzzles. Hubby loves crossword as well as regular puzzles. We also love to play along to “Wheel of Fortune” and “Jeopardy”. In Canada we also have a trivia game called “Cash Cab”. I love to play along.

In my quest for staying healthy and trying to prevent Alzheimer’s I try to keep my mind active. Playing card games as well as dancing help. The computer is a wonderful source as well.

Hop on over to Leslie blog to see her riddles. Have a wonderful day!