Thursday, May 15, 2014



Did you see that monitor?

 photo image13_zps64a48e1e.png

Once again we are going to ponder a word with Multiple meanings.

Today's word is MONITOR!

I am sitting in front of a computer monitor to write this ponder. I am also pondering the best way to monitor my Father who has Alzheimer’s. He likes to get out of his chair or bed and falls down so we need a way to watch him. We have looked into many ways. Apparently there is a mat that can be used in a bed or a chair. When he tries to move it will send a signal and help will come to his rescue.

Another monitor we are investigating is like a baby monitor where he can call for help. Lastly it has been suggested that we use a camera that is connected to a nursing station where his movements can be watched.

I also like to monitor the weather. I know what to wear as well as  what activities to plan for. This week we have our granddaughters visiting so we are taking advantage of the sun and not the rain.

D H is also monitoring the seeds and the ground temperature before he plants.

I may be old but does anyone remember being a hall monitor when they were in school. I needed a hall pass to leave the classroom and the hall monitor would check it.

I am going to monitor some of my other bloggers as well.

Have a wonderful Thursday!