Wednesday, May 7, 2014



1. Share something you appreciate (or something you appreciated as you were growing up) about your mother.

My mother is a multi-tasker. She worked from home in the family business as well as raising 4 children. My mother taught me to be independent and to go for what I want. I admire my mother because she embodied the saying “you’ve come a long way, baby”.

2.  A quote most commonly ascribed to Plato reads "Necessity is the mother of invention." When did this last play out in your own experience?

Being retired has brought out our creative side. We do more with less. I am always looking for ways to entertain the grandchildren without spending a lot of money. It is amazing what you can do that is free and a lot of fun.

3. Share one of the earliest memories you have from childhood.

Just last week D H and I went back to our elementary school for its 150th anniversary. My earliest memory dates back to a corner store up the street from the school. It was known for its buffet of penny candies. You could get 3 blackballs for 1 cent.

4. When did you last 'hit the mother lode'? What was it?

I hit the mother lode on Sunday when I got to hold about 6 babies (not all at once) however it was my baby fix since my youngest grandson is technically not a baby anymore. I love babies and they don’t stay little for long.

5. What is/was your favorite dish mom made? Do you make that dish for your family/friends now that you're all grown up?

My Mom is famous for her butter tarts. She used to make 13 dozen a week. I don’t make them because D H can’t have eggs.

6. Mother May I? was at one time a popular children's game. It required no equipment or parts to play. What was your favorite childhood game where you could just turn up and play-no gear needed?

One of my favourite games is “hide and go seek”. No equipment is required and we had a huge area at the cottage to hide.

7. Which TV mom (past or present) is your favorite, and why?

Donna Reed in The Picture of Dorian Gray trailer.jpg         


My favourite TV Mom was Donna Reed. She starred in the show “The Donna Reed show” as well as in “Its a Wonderful Life” I don’t watch a lot of sitcoms these days. I prefer HGTV or the History channel.

8.  Insert your own random thought here.

The weather is definitely improving. We got out for a walk on Monday and visited the beach. DH took the camera and caught a few good pictures.

IMG_0139         IMG_0137


Have a wonderful week!