Thursday, May 22, 2014



bRING it on! Let's Ponder

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Today's word is RING

I am going to start a little off track today. When I graduated from Grade 8 (many moons ago) I won a prize in recognition of attendance, punctuality, conduct and diligence in study. The award is called The Jesse Ketchum Trust Fund Award. My prize was Roget’s Thesaurus of English words and phrases. I knew I had it but couldn’t find it. The other day my sister returned it to me. Apparently I lent it to her way back.

I love the thought of using words to describe the same thing. So as well as my usual rambles of my mind I am going to use my new found old book to ponder today.


fastening, band, hanger, outline, in closure, circle, orifice, be loud, roll,resonance, play music, communicate, message, obliterate, association, party, pugilism, arena, badge of rule, restriction, jewellry, love-token, wedding.

You can ring a bell, be remembered as well as ring a change.

I could go on and on however I am just going to do my usual thinking.

One of my bucket list items is a cruise around the Pacific Rim. The cruise would travel around the edges of the Pacific in a ring. It starts in Seattle, Washington. Travels across the top of the Pacific passing Parts of Canada and Alaska. It goes under the Bering Strait and makes its first stop in Russia. From there it continues South to Japan as well as China, South Korea and Vietnam.

It travels to Australia and then to New Zealand where the trip starts back up North. Of course it would visit Hawaii in the middle of the Pacific Ring. Many countries to see and cover most of my bucket list. Of course the big draw back at the moment is time and money. One can dream!

I love my rings as jewellry. I have 4 rings that are most important to me. My engagement ring, wedding ring, birthstone ring and my family ring. The other rings in my jewellry boxes are for special occasions. I have a pearl ring from my 25th wedding anniversary cruise as well as a cameo ring from my Mediterranean cruise.I also have a ring-watch from Switzerland which I gave to my mother who has since returned it to me. I picked up that ring on my very first trip to Switzerland. At the time I couldn’t decide between a cameo ring or a watch so I found something that covered all of the bases.

I love to ring in the New Year with family and friends. I wish I could ring for the maid however that would be me.Back to my past I was a ding-dong lady for Avon and I worked for the telephone company where the phone would ring constantly.

I am going to Ring up this post and wish everyone a Happy Week!