Tuesday, May 20, 2014



Time out for Mom


Where would you go if you had a 3 day weekend vacation
--  and money was no option?


Any one who knows me will know that I have a standard answer for this question. No doubt about it I would want to be on a cruise. Although 3 days cruises are really too short. You just get on the ship and you have to get off. Hardly worth unpacking a bag.

The question would really be – “where will that cruise take me?”. I still have Australia and New Zealand at the top of my list however I would gladly include Japan for DH’s sake. Even though we have been in the North Atlantic it is still a destination I could do again.

Of course I still want to see more of the United States, especially around Charleston, South Carolina. Maybe on our way down we can make a detour to Branson, Missouri as well as Nashville and Memphis. Again another trip on our bucket list.

It never hurts to have a plan especially if money is not an option.