Friday, September 5, 2014



Half-Past Kissin' Time

Feeling Beachie

This week’s co-host is Tami from pretty purplexing – she came up with the last two statements

The statements:

  1. If I stay healthy then I can enjoy me retirement.
  2. Playing cards reminds me of my days at the cottage.
  3. I think of my school days when I see the children walking past our house on their way to school.
  4. A wonderful marriage is the most special thing my husband has given me.

The first week of September is set to be put into the record books. It has been an easy week. It has been a pleasure watching the children go back to school. Grandson E and granddaughter F both started school for the first time this year. They both go to school in the mornings. E wasn’t sure about going every day because last year he only went on Tuesday’s and Thursday’s. he loves the idea now and can hardly wait to play with his friends. F was also excited because her best friend T is in her class and she really likes her teacher.

In the meantime D H and I have been going for a morning walk because the afternoons have been quite warm. A heat alert has also been put into place for today. It is the first one this summer. To quote the weatherman “We were cool when should have hot and we are hot when we should be cooling down”. My girlfriend B has coined the phrase “Fummer” for this time of year. We are starting to see the leaves turning and are missing some of the birds.

Today is Mother’s birthday! Happy birthday Mom! She is expecting a very busy day with lots of phone calls. She is also going out to lunch with my brother. We celebrated earlier when we visited last week.

My daughter H is considering giving up her blog. With all of the children in school she wants to diversify. This may mean the end of her weekly meme. She got me started but all good things must come to an end. We shall see.

I hope everyone has a great weekend!