Tuesday, September 2, 2014



Unfortunately Coffee Chat has been delayed because of technical issues with Leslie’s computer. There is no back up when a computer fails.

At least when the electricity goes on you can candles or battery-operated lights. We keep our camping gear around in case of such emergencies. Do you have a back up system in case the power goes out?

The grandchildren are amazed that we don’t have electronic toys. It is a whole new world when they visit Grammy and Grampy because we play with chalk, bubbles, cards and board games. We have trains, books and puzzles as well. Even the neighbourhood children love to come and play at our house.

I love my computer and I love sending e-mails instead of writing long letters and waiting for replies through the post office. The price of stamps is atrocious and mailing a card is outrageous. Sorry friends I will not be sending Christmas cards this year.

Let`s hope we can get back on track as the new school year starts up again.