Tuesday, September 23, 2014



Time out for Mom

Leslie is back with Tuesday Coffee Chat and it is my pleasure to join in. I have missed the opportunity to share my thoughts. Leslie comes up with wonderful ideas for us to work with. This week it is all about


Over the years I have collected many things. I have a spoon collection which dates back to my years as a Brownie. My first spoon was an award for selling the most Girl Guide cookies. I collected spoons on my travels through Europe the year before I got married. Other have helped me with my spoon collection as well. Where is my spoon collection now? It is hidden away in a drawer and I am thinking of melting down the silver spoons especially those I used to have to clean.

I was an Avon lady for more than 10 years. During that time I got caught up in their idea of collecting. I collected perfume bottles as well beer steins. I have teddy bears, ducks, and Christmas decorations up my ying yang. Does anyone want them? No!!! They are just cluttering up my house and driving me crazy. Unfortunately I spent a lot of hard earned money on them so I can’t throw them away.

My son M has a baseball card collection in the old trunk. It was supposed to be worth a lot of money and would help him pay for school, however everyone bought the cards and no one else wants to buy them. I suppose they would make a good fire.

D H has his father’s stamp collection. It too sits in a drawer with the promise of getting around to it. Yeah right!!

I am back to collecting yarn for the many projects I might make some day. Thankfully when I returned to knitting I still had all of the patterns I had collected over the years. I have several sets of knitting needles some dating back to my grandmother’s time. I have one of the original Beehive knitting books which was also my grandmother’s.

There are also all of the books that have been collected over the years. I collect jewellry as well as shoes. We have a collection of photo albums from both D H’s parents and mine as well as our own. They will hopefully be useful when I can’t remember although there are people in some of the albums that we don’t know.

Who is going to want my silver-plated dinner set or my Royal Albert dishes and the cornflower crystal that is stored in my china cabinet? The future generation doesn’t want it because it is not dishwasher or microwavable.

Oh well I thought collecting was interesting at the time however I knew then what I know now I would have saved my money for another cruise.

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