Tuesday, November 11, 2014



Time out for Mom


Are you holding onto something you need to let go of?

-Today Lesley at Time out for Mom has asked if we need to let go of something. I think I have already done that. I have let go of the cooking and the cleaning and gave it to my husband. I am left with the laundry and the baking.

For me the hardest thing to let go of is driving the car. Initially I started to drive because I get car sick. I had my license before my husband as well as I had the car so naturally I did the driving. I also can not read a map and since hubby is good at it, he can navigate. I have to be tired or sick to give up my seat in the car.

Driving also represents independence. I don’t have to rely on the transit system and wait around for hours. I also don’t have to bother other people to pick me up. My greatest fear is that I will lose my license especially as I get older.

Do you have a fear or something you have to let go of?