Thursday, November 13, 2014



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Today's word is WEB

I am so glad that it is Thursday because I love to ponder with Brenda at BYG adventures. She gives us a word with multiple meanings to work with. Usually I brainstorm the words and when all else fails I use my trusty Thesaurus.

My mind immediately went to spider’s webs. If I don’t get around to cleaning my house the spiders have a field day. I am not afraid of spiders especially when I heard that they help control the mosquito population. I also believe that spiders are more prevalent before a rain. They seem to know. We get lots of webs on our veranda which is fine by me.

When decorating the outside of the house for Halloween lots of webs were used as well.

I also thought of a web of lies. When you tell on lie it just lead to more and more lies until it becomes a tangled mess. There is no such thing as only one lie.

Of course I am sure everyone has thought of the world wide web. Is it catching us up in a spell. The news is reporting that children will no longer be able to avoid school on snow days. Their work will now be on the computer and the teacher can use SKYPE to lecture them. They can also put it on You Tube for the children to download the lectures and their work.

Does anyone remember Jackie Kennedy and her web hats? I was so glad when we could wear one of these because I no longer suffered headaches. Unfortunately I can’t find a picture of the hats she wore.

It is all about the interweaving!