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My mother has written her memoirs and has been after me to write mine. I have been resisting for a while however I am creating Memory Monday to help me along. Come join me with your own memories. Each week will be a different prompt to encourage the  writing of your memories. Link your memories and share them with everyone.

Our prompt is: More Christmas Memories

I wrote about me early childhood Christmases last time. Now I want to talk about the memories that I have had with my husband.

. We had only been married for 6 months and were both paying for our apartment and everything else for the first time in our lives since we had both lived at home, so our first Christmas was very frugal.  We both worked right up until Christmas and we had no time to even think about it.

Our first decorations came from the store where DH worked. His manager was kind enough to let us into the storage room and gave us carte blanche on the existing stock which he discounted by 50%. DH was given the task of finding us a tree while I was at work. He returned to our old neighbourhood because the churches were selling Christmas trees. The first one was sold out however the second one had a few scraggly trees left and he got one for a dollar. he brought home a scrawny looking Charlie Brown tree and knew I would be upset. He spent the afternoon reworking the tree. Apparently he hammered branches, glued some into place and used a lot of string.

I walked in from work to the most amazing tree I had ever seen. The lights were on and it shone with love. There weren’t big gifts under the tree but it was a great start to many more Christmases. Of course DH is in charge of all of the tree trimming.

We had fresh trees up until our third Christmas. We switched to artificial ones because the real tree became a fire hazard. We redecorated the tree which DH also got from his work and no one could tell it was not real.

A lot of our decorations are now being used by our children on their trees as we have down-sized to an even smaller tree.

Next Week’s Prompt: A Vacation Memory


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