Tuesday, December 16, 2014



Time out for Mom

What does Christmas Eve look like at your home?

*This the last chat before Christmas!

Christmas has always been an exciting time for us. I used to go overboard with decorations. It helped that I worked for Avon for 19 years and used to buy all of the demos that they sold. I used to hold an Open House every year and invite friends and family to enjoy all of the work we had done. At one time we would have 60 people cramming into our little house. I used to start my baking right after Halloween and made Christmas cakes as well as all of the cookies.

These days we are slowing down. I have given a lot of decorations away to the kids. We exchanged our big Christmas tree for a smaller table top model. The battery operated Santas are almost worn out. I do have a Christmas tree with red shoes that sings “Santa Baby” which still impresses the little ones and a few of the big kids.

The outside doesn’t get as much attention either. My BIL used to say that we competed with  NORAD for Santa’s attention. We certainly lit up the street. Santa was on a stick along with many other stick figures that stayed in the ground until Spring.

Even though Christmas is quieter around here we will be delighted to have the whole family together. We always say it won’t happen again however when it does we will enjoy the experience. We don’t cook the turkey dinner so my son and his family have taken on that role.

I will be going to Christmas Eve service at my DIL’s church. We took the children last year and hope to make it a tradition as well.

Unfortunately next year will be different again as we will be away. Hopefully our children will create their own traditions. No matter who can make it we will all be very merry.


Merry Christmas Everyone!